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Being a child of the technological boom, I've spent more of my life looking through a viewfinder than I have using my own eyes. This, however, has turned into not only a soaring passion for me, but a skill I have been able to develop so much, it's now my career.
I've just finished my studies, no, not university, but at college. I studied Creative Media Production (TV & Film to be precise) at West Herts College, qualifying with a D*D*D BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma.

My passion for video started many years ago, but only got off the ground 4 or so years ago, when I featured in a video for one of the UK's most successful 'YouTubers'.
After pointing the camera at my face for years, I decided to turn it around and point it at anything on 4 wheels.

I've now got to the stage were I can offer my skills as a service to benefit individuals, companies and more.
Having been a student, my budget for equipment has always been low, which has helped me focus on improving skills to the maximum capacity of what I have, but also to focus on pre-production and post-production. My editing skills are now of a very high standard.

I've always had a keen eye for cars, with a growing passion over the last few years, so much so that I now film cars, whether it's a promotional video for a business that looks after cars, or a social media video for a car owner or someone looking to grow their brand online.

I have a love for property, too, which has led me to start filming property videos, for which I also use a drone.

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